Office of the Triskele Herald

Triskele Principal HeraldMistress Ilene Johnstounne, OP
Samantha Steff
1433 Fontaine Dr
Apopka FL 32703
Jack Herald (Triskele Successor)M'Lord Vacant
Seacat Herald (Triskele Secretary)Lord Bastian Oldenfeld
Coracle Herald (Education)Honorable Lord Taran Saraev
Charles Hill
no calls after 9pm please
Carrack Herald (North, South, East, West)M'Lord Vacant

Sundial Herald (Protocol & Traditions)Countess Dulcia MacPherson, OL, OR, OP
Lymphad Herald (Name & Device Submissions)Honorable Lord Ephrem Orbeli
Trireme Herald - (Name & Device Returns and Resubmissions)Honorable Lord Thomas von Wildtstein
Balinger Herald (Internal/External Commentary)M'Lord Vacant

Herald Point CoordinatorM'Lord Vacant
Caravel Herald (Court/Lyst Herald)Honorable Lord Gareth de Taunton
Mast Herald (Silent Herald)M'Lord Vacant

Chart-Signet Herald (Scroll Preparation for Court)Mistress Jehannette de Lille, OP
Julia Gerstemeier Rider
Dhow Herald (Award Tokens)Honorable Lady Chrysantha D'Argenta
Sextant Herald (Order of Precedence)Master Sasha Gregor'evich Vilanov, OP
Tommy Conant
5524 Queenswood Drive
Orlando FL 32810
Barque-Signet Herald (Scroll Replacement)Honorable Lady Philomena Wensley
Scribes Point CoordinatorLady Ekaterina Korsakova

Kingdom Tournament Scribe (Deputy for the preparation of kingdom event tournament scrolls)Honorable Lady Ciar Ingen Ui MeicThire
Crystal Chapman
College of ScribesMistress Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL, OP

Welcome to the Trimarian College of Heralds!

From heralding courts, crying fighters onto the Lists, guiding a person towards their exclusive name and armory, or scribes creating amazing pieces of art – everything we do in the Society is touched by heraldry. Heralds are in the unique position to positively affect the medieval pageantry that makes our events so spectacular through education, consultation, and the provision of heraldic services both locally and at Heralds’ Point at kingdom events.
All members of the Trimarian College of Heralds are dedicated to nurturing the use of heraldry throughout the Kingdom of Trimaris. If you’re interested in becoming a part of that legacy, please consider becoming a warranted herald for the Kingdom of Trimaris and volunteering your time and skills as local herald or at Heralds Point. Learn more about the Trimarian Warranting process and find answers to some of your questions in our brand-new FAQ section.
This website has been designed to give you easy access to heraldic information, answer some of your questions, and provide you with an easy way of contacting members of the College of Heralds.

College of Heralds:
The Trimarian College of Heralds and the College of Scribes exist to provide heraldic and scribal services to the Crown and the populace of the Kingdom of Trimaris. Here are the various roles and responsibilities:
Triskele: the head of the Kingdom’s College of Heralds is responsible for supervising field heraldry and court heraldry at events within the Kingdom. Triskele is also responsible for supervising College of Arms activities within the Kingdom, including the timely processing of submissions for names and armory.
Jack: the “emergency drop-dead deputy” stands ready to assume the functions of the Principal Herald and to insure the smooth transition of office in emergency situations.
Seacat: Secretary to Triskele, responsible for maintaining the warrant roster and emails notifications to submitters during the submission process. Seacat is also responsible for tracking the quarterly reports for all heralds in the College.

Triskele Principal Herald
College of Heralds Administration Policy – PDF Format

Trimaris Heralds Handbook 2019 – PDF Format

Department Head: Coracle Herald
This department oversees the continuing education of heralds within the College as well as the education of the populace of the Kingdom about heraldry. They also provide opportunity for people to take the herald’s warranting classes and provide online support for the online warranting classes.

The Trimarian Warranting Process:
To be a warranted herald in the Kingdom of Trimaris and to receive the rank of Pursuivant in the Kingdom’s College of Heralds you are required to take three warranting classes:
Part 1: How to be a Local Herald
Part 2: Armory Submissions
Part 3: Name Submissions

You do not have to take them in order, and you may take them in person, online, or a mixture of the two. These classes are designed to teach you the administrative side of heraldry, and after completing these classes, you should know where to find the heraldic information necessary to be a successful local herald. These classes are regularly offered at the four major Kingdom events in Trimaris. You may also contact our Coracle Herald to schedule warranting classes at another event.

Note: If you passed the old “Pursuivant Test,” aka “The Baby Herald Test,” you are considered grandfathered in as a Pursuivant herald within the Kingdom of Trimaris. We still encourage you to audit the warranting classes in order to be up to date on the administrative side of heraldry, including recent changes and additions.

Online Warranting Classes
The Trimarian Heraldic Online Self-Study Program is a way to learn heraldry via correspondence and satisfy the warranting requirements in case you are unable to attend the warranting classes at Kingdom events or don’t wait until the next opportunity to attend a class in person. The classes provide the framework for a self-guided study using the internet. The topics covered aren’t hard, but it will be more involved than sitting through a class at an event.

Contact the Coracle Herald at BEFORE you begin your online warranting classes to make them aware you are beginning the process!

How to be a Local Herald Word Doc

Study Guide Court Heraldry (optional; highly recommended) – PDF File

Department Head: Lymphad Herald
This department oversees the submissions process for registering names and armory with the Society College of Arms. The proper setup and administration of Consultation Tables at events as well as notifications of decisions made on names and armory fall under this department.

Court Preparation:
Members of this department are essential to the administrative and organizational aspects of the Trimarian Royal Court and awards at events within the Kingdom of Trimaris and at events in other Kingdoms and at war.

Silent Herald FB Group
Dhow Herald’s Handbook – Google Document

Order of Precedence

Ceremony and Protocol:
Department Head: Sundial
This department oversees the ceremonial aspect of heraldry.

College of Scribes:
The Trimaris College of Scribes works to foster the scribal arts within the Kingdom of Trimaris and to provide award charters for use during Royal Court under the direction of the Chart Signet of Trimaris. The goal of the Trimaris College of Scribes is to produce beautiful pieces of scribal artwork to award those found worthy by the Crown, foster the talents of our artisans, and promote the medieval scribal arts through continued study and education.

College of Scribes website
Thank a Scribe – Online form
College of Heralds Administration Policy – PDF Format