Welcome to the Kingdom of Trimaris

Hail and Greetings from Trimaris! If you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism, please look at the article called “New to the SCA” it will give you some great insight on what we do and who to contact within our Kingdom to welcome you. If you are already familiar with the SCA and are looking for a group, please look over the Listing of All Local Groups page, it will list each group by the county that it resides in. If you are still having trouble finding a group, please contact the Kingdom Chatelaine at chatelaine@trimaris.org

Royal Proclamations of King Kurn and Queen Maisie

A.S. LIV, August XXXI

1 – When Garlic is called for, it is impossible to use too much.

2 – We are a civilized Kingdom. Butt-spikes on single-handed swords shall only be allowed in melee.

3 – Mild puns are encouraged. Really bad puns are at your own risk.

4 – Defeated combatants shall fall down or kneel when defeated in ALL tournaments during Our Reign.

5 – IPAs are Gross.

6 – Do not claim to be civilized and wear pants at the same time.

7 – You will be required to choose between the Fox and the Hound at some future date.

8 – All service animals at events should introduce themselves to Their Royal Majesties.

9 – Pistachios are the one true nut.

10 – There is no wisdom Greater than kindness.

Kurn Maisie

rex    regina

Trimarian Heraldry
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Contact your local herald to design and register your own heraldry!