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July 14, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Running a Demo – Office of the Chatelaine

Request a Demo

Step 1: Fill out the Demo status form.
(Link to Updated form above)

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the SCA Demo and Media Policies.

Step 3: Consider Your Needs.
If the demo will be held outside, you will likely need to provide tents and may need to bring your own tables.
Draft a list of your needs and solicit help from your local group and officers if you are having trouble filling your needs.

Think about your planned activities, and what you can use to draw your audience in.
Draft a list of how many volunteers you will need for set-up, the demo period and tear down.

Step 4: Solicit volunteers from your Local Group.
Ask for help from the local marshall, arts and science officer, herald, seneschall or any other officer or local who may be able to assist.
Remember that you may need specific help with setup and teardown of your demo.
Be sure to consider your audience and solicit appropriate volunteers. Work to find volunteers who will work best with the audience to whom you will be presenting.
Let your volunteers know what kind of audience they will be dealing with so they can bring age appropriate crafts or consider additional safety features for the demo.
Require your volunteers to review Recruiting and Retention Basics for the SCA and consider these ideas and concepts when approaching the demo.

 Step 5: Create Contact Points
Plan and create means for your attendees to link up with the SCA after they leave.  QR codes pointing towards or our social media presence, for instance.  Our best shot at success is getting them to find us with their phone or tablet before they leave the demo.

Any printed resources (cards, flyers, etc.,) should have the audience in mind when being created.  But remember, in a digital-first world, most bookmarks, etc., will go in the trash before our guests even leave the demo site.

Step 6: Demo setup.
Make sure to check in with the school office or demo contact for the group requesting your demo when you arrive.
Put up your tents or tables at your demo location. Cover tables and mundane objects to create an attractive and medieval-looking space for your demo.
Review what arts, crafts, fighting or other demonstrations that you have and make sure each has their own space and enough people for staffing.
Brief your volunteers on the plan for the day and set up shifts so that volunteers can take short breaks to eat or rest if needed.

Step 7: The Demo.
Have a good time and show your guests why you love the SCA. Your enthusiasm is infectious.
Greet guests who enter the demo area. Engage the guests and ask them what their interests are so you can properly direct them or just suggest they browse around the demo area. Thanks visitors as they leave.
Make sure the people who are excited by us have a way to continue their SCA adventure.

Step 8: After the Demo.
Pack Up: After the demo is torn down and packed up, make sure to check in with your demo contact to let them know you are leaving.
After Demo Report: email with an after-action report. Let us know approximately how many visitors your demo worked with, who your volunteers were, if any were particularly helpful and what your plan is for any follow up. Also let us know if you need any help with follow up.”