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September 28, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Group A&S Ministers

Welcome all ye who enter here and well met!

Thank you for taking on the burden of joy of community leadership and mentorship, as you support your local SCA Group as a Minister of the Arts and Sciences!

Here you will find resources to help you in your leadership journey. For all questions, please engage the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences – who is eager to ‘Help you Help others’ in their Arts and Science journeys.

See a need for another resource? Email to get it added soon.

For your service and commitment to the dream: Vivat!

Role Expectations and Resources

Art Sci Minister Handbook – Coming Soon!

Art Sci Officer Quarterly A&S Officer Report >>

Every Quarter, all group Ministers of the Arts and Sciences must fill out this report. Unless you get a “Received” notice from the KMOAS, your report has not been processed. Please ensure you report always from your group email, save a copy of your report, and keep in mind that the Doomsday (end of year) report will include all 4 quarter reports – so you and your successor will need to reference these going forward.

The Society reports ‘on’ the quarter. Kingdoms are backed 15 days, and Local groups 30 – to give ample time to compile reporting. This means, a Group Art Sci Minister will Report for 3 months prior as so:

Dec, Jan, Feb – due Feb 28.
Mar, April, May – due May 30.
June, July, Aug – due Aug 30.
Sept, Oct, Nov – due Nov 1.
Doomsday (Dec-Nov) due Nov 30.


Digitally Fillable Local Art-Sci Officer Warrant>>

All Art Sci Ministers (or group proxy) must advertise in their local Newsletter and on their Website (in addition to their Social Media and Meeting Announcements) for at least two consecutive months for a deputy or replacement. All candidates who apply must be presented to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences for consideration, with the Warranted Art Sci Minister’s (or proxy Seneschal’s if office vacant) recommendation. If a Barony, the Baron and Baroness must approve any Warrant the KMOAS signs and sends to the Crown (as the Crown’s local representatives).

All Art-Sci Ministers must be Warranted and an active member in the SCA to vote in financial meetings.

Once approved to be Warranted, a new Minister will fill out the above form’s top portion. Emailed approval from the Baron and Baroness will be gained, the KMOAS will sign, and then send to the Crown.


Hosting a Regional Art Sci Competitions

Art Sci Fair Administrative Entry and Calculation Form

How To Enter Art Sci Faire at Any Level


Kingdom Activities Prep – Local Support

Supporting Your Artisans to Enter Kingdom Expo

Have Someone Interested in Teaching or Attending Trimaris Royal University? Check out the website for more info on how>>

Trimarian Art Sci Guilds