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September 28, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Trimaris Royal University

Trimaris Royal University is, first and foremost, our kingdom’s yearly summer collegium. Welcome!

Stay in the know with all things TRU!: 

For questions, please contact the TRU Chancellor.

The bid for Trimaris Royal University should be in no later than March 1st of each year. Also, please note the Website is created and Maintained by the KMOAS office and the class schedule administrated entirely by the Trimaris Royal University Chancellor, under the direction of the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. The Event Steward of this Kingdom event is responsible for the Event Flyer getting into Talewinds, and all other Event Pre-Attendance Administration such as pre-pay registration, insurances and site procurement as needed (unless this is already booked), and so forth. 

The expectation for site consideration is the capacity to hold 5-10 tracks of classes, simultaneously, from a reasonable time in the morning, until 4pm (pre court). Classes average from 80-150, depending, and as it is during the summer some air conditioned space is ideal. Typically, this is a Day Trip Event with a Lunch or Day board – but all bid styles are welcome. 

See this handy graphic for a quick guideline of how this partnering approach, unique to Kingdom Art Sci and TRU, Kingdom Event format has worked in the past. Clear and consistent communication, flexibility, and a ‘we got this!’ attitude from all parties is ideal for this unique event format. This has and may evolve, but for those curious, consider the below.