Office of the Arts & Sciences


Kingdom Art/Sci Minister
Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL, OP
MKA: Kristen Gilpin
7515 B Pitch Pine Circle
Tampa FL, 33617

Chancellor of Trimaris Royal University
Mistress Madhavi of Jaisalmer, OL
MKA: Andi Houston
818 NW 35 Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32609

Chancellor of Arts and Sciences Expositions
Mistress Milesenda de Bourges, OL
MKA: Lana Tessler
3808 Spirited Circle
St. Cloud FL 34772

Chancellor of Regional Arts and Sciences Faires
Position Available
Please contact the KMoAS with interest

Chancellor of the Laureate
HL Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse
MKA: Mia Reeves

Links of Interest

Our Kingdom Art/Sci information page can be found at:

What are the Arts & Sciences awards in the Kingdom of Trimaris?

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