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September 28, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

House Ech Dubh Page

Fáilte Trimaris!
Established by Duke Gregory Ahearn KSCA, OP and Duchess Maisie of Dunbarton OP, OR in A.S. XXIX 29.

Dark Red, Black, Silver/Gold

When the game Is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box. Live well.

How We Started:
Founded by Gregory Ahearn upon his knighting in A.S. XXIX 29 (3/25/95) as a fighting centric household which has grown and blossomed into a haven for those that fight, those who serve, and those that create. Remembering that even in our efforts to Go Fast, we are friends first. Duke Gregory and his lady Duchess Maisie Dunbarton have led their household and their kingdom to continued levels of greatness. A solid household of over 50 strong which counts amongst its members multiple Knights, Pelicans and Laurels. It has spawned other households and multiple Kings. Ech Dubh has hosted a fighter practice for 20 years which many a future crown has attended to hone their prowess.

Our Household Interests
A diverse group that participates in every level of the society. Chivalric, Rapier, Youth combat, administration, tailoring, illumination, calligraphy, cooking, Crown and “hero” support.

What we are known for:
Construction on behalf of the kingdom & populace, aesthetic flavor -Gulf Wars kingdom walls, viking ships, war horses, also Revel Games, and Crown support and fighter practices.

How to Join:
To join Ech Dubh, come hang out, be our friend, support the efforts of the house. All are welcome