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June 23, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Regalia Project: Brazier Pit

Trimaris Regalia: Brazier Pit


  • A metal brazier pit meant for Royal campsites to hold fire above ground.

    Total items per project:

  • 1

    Materials specification:

  • Steel
  • As an option, a bio safe oil such as vegetable or olive oil may be burned onto steel to help with rust protection.
  • Rebar should NOT be used.

    Colors specifications:

  • Natural

    Construction specifications:

  • Brazier joinery may either use period techniques or modern welding techniques.
  • If modern welding is used, welds should be properly cleaned to minimize modern appearance.
  • Modern fasteners should be avoided except where their appearance can be made to look period.
  • Brazier should be able to hold a large amount of firewood with no risk of collapse.

    Design specifications:

  • Brazier should be a basket that holds fire up off of the ground.
  • Metal triskeles can be added as decorative elements.
  • (Optional) If possible, holders for spits may be worked into the design.
  • (Optional) If possible, a design that breaks down to allow for easier transportation.

    Size specifications:

  • Brazier should be at least 2 feet across, preferably a little larger.
  • Brazier bottom should be at least a few inches off of the ground.