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June 23, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Regalia Project: Royal Banner Sets

Trimaris Regalia: Royal Banner Set

A set of four matching royal banners: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess

Total items per project:

  • 4 banners total per project
  • 1 Kings banner
  • 1 Queens banner
  • 1 Prince banner
  • 1 Princess banner

    Materials specifications:

  • Fabric: All fabric should be pre-washed and dried to ensure dyes are set and will not run in case of contact with water.
  • Cotton (trigger, blends)
  • Linen (linen/poly blends)
  • Silk
  • Thread:
  • Cotton, cotton/poly

    Color specifications:

  • Colors are chosen to best match the Trimarian arms and should be strictly adhered to when making your fabric selection for uniformity of Trimaris Regalia
  • Blue
  • White

    Construction specifications:

  • Sewing:
    • All design pieces should be appliquéd in place, sewn completely with thread around all edges to protect from wear. Due to wear and washing needs, glue is not an acceptable fixative.
    • Each banner should be sewn with a top pocket that can accommodate at least a 1 inch wooden dowel so the banner can be hung in place.
  • Finishing:
    • All banners should be either double sided or backed in white or blue fabric, sewn completely around the edges.
  • Design specifications:

  • Images of the Trimarian arms are provided as a design guide and should be strictly adhered to for uniformity of Trimaris Regalia. Images can be found in your Regalia Packet
  • Please contact the Trimaris Regalia Committee ( for digital copies if needed.
  • All four banners have a similar ‘look’. (The laurel wreaths should be of the same size and shape. Triskeles should be even in size and shape, etc.)
  • The same fabrics and appliqué techniques should be used for all banners

    Size specifications:

  • All four banners should match each other in size.
  • Minimum length should not be less than 4 feet.


  • 4 sets of banners are desired. Please note how many sets of banners you would like to create on the bid form.