Regalia Tips

Regalia should be:

  • Sturdy- Assume all Regalia is packed, unpacked, and assembled by people who have been deprived of sleep and driven a couple hundred miles. Over and over and over. Assume likewise that assembly directions are lost after the first day unless they are burned in, sewn in, or glued on.
  • Non fragile- There is a fine line to be tread between lightweight and fragile, but assume things will be put down on it, even with the best of intentions, unless it has a very specific box.
  • Boxed/bagged- again, unless it has a VERY specific box (in all of Regalia there are currently 2, a scepter case and an hourglass box) assume things will be removed from the box you sent it in and packed with other things. There are only so many boxes that will fit in TRM’s car. Also, bags will get mixed up, unless you label them
  • Colorfast- Test your fabrics for colorfastness- some well-intentioned soul will wash them. (Trigger may not be period, but period color-bleeds are not more attractive for being historically accurate…) Make no cloth items that must be dry-cleaned without sewing the instructions in. Leather dye must be appropriately fixed, and a coat of clear varnish will prevent many pink paint scrapes. If in doubt, please ask.
  • Correct- If you are using the Royal heraldry, please ensure it is the correct heraldry. There is nothing more sad for the Ministry than to see a piece that has been made with loving care go unused because the roses on the queen’s arms are the wrong color. If you are considering items for the Crown Champions, please see the page of Customs and Traditions regarding their specific heraldic variations.
  • Convenient- Their Majesties of Trimaris…. may drive a VW. Please endeavor to make items that can fit in a medium-sized car. Consider, if you can sensibly pack it in your own vehicle, along with your own wooden chairs, feast gear, garb, armor, banners & stands, modern clothes and needs, then it is likely something the Royal Family may do the same with.- This is about the minimum that the Royals travel with in Their own vehicles.
  • Matched- the unity of the Royal Family is symbolically communicated by the unity of Their appearance.
  • For the Royal Presence- this is one of the more subjective issues of the Regalia office. There are many useful items that the Royalty may need that should not be considered part of Regalia. Please consider how your donation enhances the ceremonial presence of the Royal Family.