Recent Kingdom Notes

April 22, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Royal Whims of Their Highnesses

Preferred Foods:

His Highness: steak medium rare, venison, beef, pork, turkey, halibut, salmon, flounder, trout, tacos, vegetables, fruits

Her Highness: healthy foods, lots of vegetables

Preferred Beverages:

His Highness: green or white flavored teas, Irish breakfast tea, chai, coconut water, gatorade, Reign/Venom energy drinks, occasionally enjoys a taste of well aged scotch, port, mead or cocktails

Her Highness: flavored waters, coconut water, herbal or decaf teas, Spanish red wines, buttery chardonnays, cordials, whiskey, port, rum

Royal Whims:

His Highness:
Does not care for overly spicy foods, or coffee
Rarely drinks alcohol
Black, red and silver/white are very nice colors
NEVER use flash photography in His presence!
Loves to see acts of chivalry and courtesy

Her Highness:
Is allergic to pineapple and jalapeno
Dislikes being woken up early, meanness and scary things
Loves fire spinning, stained glass, and having fun
Favorite colors are blue, green and purple, in pastel or jewel tones
Mermaids are both magical and real

Upcoming Events on TRH Progress:

Trimaris Royal University, July 8th, Shire of Sudrholt
Pennsic War, July 28th-August 13th, Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Fall Coronation, September 1st-3rd, hosted by Barony of Castlemere
Village Flair, Setember 22-24th, Barony of Darkwater


Staff for Their Royal Highnesses:

Chamberlain: Baroness Paigan Crawford
Prince’s Head Retainer: HL Guillermo De Cervantes
Princess’ Head Retainer: Lady Maiandria Esclarmonde
Quartermaster: Baron Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde
Court Herald: Baronex Calpurnia Forunata
Royal Awards Manager: Lord Emmanuel Labour
Largesse Coordinator: Lady Maedb O’Connell
Royal Thanks Coordinator: Baroness Thyri Bersi
Social Media Coordinator: Lady Gudrun in Rauðhárr
Royal Prize Coordinator: Lady Inga Miðlungr
Prince’s Armored Champion: Sir Johan Craft
Princess’ Guard Captain: Count Valbrandr Strugr
Princess’ Provisioner: Juliote de la Plume