Trimaris History – 1977


Coronation of Bearkiller
Notus Dec. ‘76 1-15-77 The Barony of Wyvernwoode is please to announce it will host the Coronation of the Prince and Princess Apparent of Meridies, Lord John the Bearkiller, called the Bastard and Kassandra the Kraken. It will be held at O’Leno State Park. There is not need to bring tents as there will be cabins. During the day, there will be games and melees as well as classes from the Provisional University of Meridies. The coronation ceremony will begin at 6 pm. Afterward a feast of celebration will be held. A variety of meats, breads, vegetables and desserts will be served. Reservations to be sent to Alix d’Audincourt.

The First Annual Seneschals; Drinking Contest – Additional Coronation Information
The first annual Principality Meridies Seneschals Drinking Contest was inadvertently left off hte Coronation information. The drinking contest is definitely still going to happen, and will be held with the attendance of out newest honorary seneschal, His Excellency, Lord John Bearkiller. The Seneschals have challenged the heralds to a drinking melee after the main contest has finished, but so far no acceptance has been received. We have noticed, however, that the heralds have begun to drink a lot more lately. All those wishing to issue challenge to the seneschals, we hereby accept.

The Shire of Castlemere founded
In February 1977, The Shire of Castlemere (Jacksonville) was founded with Tushiro Musashi as seneschal. (According to their historian Lord Alexander Shadowstalker, the Bard in his report 7-9-80) “no old SCA’ers founded the shire, all was done from scratch, which meant that we had to re-invent the wheel. During that year members from Castlemere attended TMT, Crown Tourney, several shire or Baronial events at Wyvernwood, Oldenfeld, and An Crosaire.

Sangre del Sol’s Arts Report
From Kristen Ericsdatter to Elysonne of Arrowood, Kingdom of Meridies. We begin with our honor – perhaps – of receiving an award at Coronation. Jolie, our jongleur, entered the poetry contest with a song and was beheaded for offending the newly crowned prince. He was awarded plaudite for the best death throes. We held two cooking classes, dinners at which the entire shire cooked and ate. Attending the first class, held Jan 25th were Melodia, Ladomia, Sir Koppel, Marguerithe, Cadwallen, Melodia’s mother, Gerri (member sans persona), and son Joshua, age 2 and known as the Babe, myself and Piper. Particularly delicious was the Blanc-mang, which we all devoured. Of course, much wine was consumed by the cooks, and a good time was had by all. The second class was held Feb 26th, which was not as successful as attendance was poor. Attending were Ladomia, Cadwallen, Sir Koppel, Piper, and myself. The dishes were good, but the overall was too sweet. Still, we had a good time and ended up playing Kingmaker.

On 2-6-77 Sangre del Sol was featured in an article in the Ft. Lauderdale News Lifestyle Today section entitled “Chivalry Isn’t Dead … It’s Alive and well in a Boca Raton Shire”

Raa Middle School Demo
On 2-22-77 The Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo on Medieval History at Raa Middle School

Sangre del Sol’s Arts Report
On March 13th, a small band (Sir Koppel, Marguerithe, Melodia and Kirsten) attended a local performance of Laurence Oliver’s “Henry V” which was magnificent. This was a follow up to our attendance last November at a showing of the magnificent “Romeo & Juliet.” Here in the sunny southlands, such showings are few and far between and we jump at each opportunity. One of our members, Melodia, was singled out for an interview by the campus paper of the local community college in which she spoke of the SCA.

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
On 3-19-77 the Shire of Oldenfeld held their First Anniversary Revel

Sangre del Sol’s Arts Report
This Saturday, April 23rd, we will have an all day do at the Seneschal’s house. Our shire dance master Mithriel, who lives a considerable distance and whom we hardly see, is coming to prepare us in some steps for our Maypole. We will attempt to move forward with the principality banner at this meeting, and have decided to do a shire banner in felt, until our shire device is fully approved.

AS XII (May, 1977 – April, 1978)
Florida Memorial Tourney
On 5-27/30-77, The Shire of Oldenfeld sponsored the Florida Memorial Tourney at Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. The Autocrat listed was Asdis Shadowdaughter (Kay Fausel). The event promised lists, weapons competitions, games, chess competitions, melees, arts competitions, revels, a box lunch auction (for the benefit of the Cerugin’s (sic) Guild and the perpetuation of the Memorial Tourney, and much more. The winners of the three list competitions were to fight then for the Champion of the Land of Flowers.
(From Triton’s Trumpet, Vol. II, # 1&2 ,Jun & August 1977 published by Taliesynne Lord Nycheymwrh)
Chronicle of the Second Annual All Florida Memorial
May 27-30 AS XII, Florida Caverns State Park. Joyous tidings for all the Land of Flowers, Meridies and Atenveldt! Many brave warriors heeded Celebrant’s call, journeyed to the Caverns, and fought for the honor of defending our realme against the creatures’ of darke. The lists continued for two days until Viscount Sir Francois was victorious! Placement in the three categories: Mixed Weapons: 1. Agustin D’Agnon 2. Ld. Taly 3. Sir Jack Lord Nimble. Great Weapons: 1. Colin Saracen 2. Agustin. Sword and Shield: 1. Sir Francois 2. Xigunder 3. Ld Taly.
Our Virtuous Viscount Sir Francois was charged with renewing the enchantment against the forces of evil – and not a moment too soon! A magical cloud of smoke suddenly burst upon the field and a swarm of scum, riff-raff, trolls, and dwarves emerged from the surrounding forests. Valiantly, Viscount Sir Francois battled the scurvy horde until, victorious, he was awarded the champions baldric by Princess Kassandra nik Kraken. As our brave champion confidently escorted our beauteous Princess across the battlefield littered with scum, a not-quite-dead Troll crept along and in truly scummy fashion, struck the noble Viscount from behind with the evil Wocka War Hammer. Fear not, dear gentles, virtue is always victorious! Our noble champion, though wounded, killed all remaining undesirables and, thus renewed our enchantment.
While our brave fighters were vying for the honor of champion, the populace was engaged in a variety of activities. Not least among these was a battle of fools which was won by Isabeu La Folle, after a heated thrashing on Hobby Horse. All the competitions were indeed lively. All the entries exhibited a great deal of research, talent, creativity and technique and all the winners are to be congratulated. Non-needle textiles – Lady Mureann deora-de; Vinting – Lord Kelvin MacGowan; Calligraphy & Illumination and Bear Hug – Lady Amarath-Jean; Baking – Simon of Lincoln’ Embroidery – Gwenned ap Gwynnedd yr Arvon; General Crafts -Saavaag Haraldstadter; Costuming – Enriqueta del Reyes y Mora; Chess – Tanner of Sirenia.
Baronial Court was held Saturday night where, by grace of Their Royal Aten Majesties, King Deaton and Queen Care Cheri, Award of Arms were announced to Elysonne of Arrowood (OF), Amarath-Jean of the Carpathian Raven (WV), and Muireann deora-de, Baroness Wyvernwood. Ld Taly was named Principal of the Order of the Wyvern’s Claw (WV) and Primates of the Order were Lord Tetsuo Sakura OLA; Lady Kimineko Sakura, OBM; Lady Sieglinde von Truso; and Bronislous of Vilnius with an Award of Arms.
Her Royal Highness, Princess Kassandra, held Court Sunday night. An Award of Arms was conferred upon Elfrieda Aelfwin (GN); Mistress Cynthia Lady Fitz Colline (now resident in the West Kingdom) swore an Oath of Fealty to the Crown of Meridies. The Shire Oldenfeld presented a lovely gift to their Seneschal, Asdis Shawodaughter, on her first SCA anniversary. Oldenfeld deserves lauds and ovations for the fine job they did in autocrating the FMT II. We salute you, every one! Many thanks also to the goode folke from Grey Niche, Draconia, and Thor’s Mountain who braved such an arduous journey to list and revel with us. Especial thanks to Sir Jack Lord Nimble for braving the journey alone from Draconia to bring our number of visiting Knights to two.

(From Triton’s Trumpet, Vol. II, # 1&2, Jun & August 1977 published by Taliesynne Lord Nycheymwrh)
Due to the events occurring at the Florida Memorial Day Tourney we announce the formation of a new guild and household. As we all know a champion was found at the Tourney to renew the enchantment over the Land of Flowers. He fought against the scum and riff-raff that had resurfaced, ravaging the land and otherwise causing a general nuisance of themselves. While Sir Francois DuVont was preparing to do battle, the Undesirables were taunting the spectators with various curses and ascensions to their ancestries. When the great fighter circled the field the scum, trolls, and riff-raff increased their gurglings and verbal attacks on him and all good people of our principality.
Then in a cloud of smoke and fire the rabble and scurvy mob attacked the champion. But, before they could get within sword distance he executed a very SCUMMY deed…. he pulled an SCA SWAT pistol and killed many of the attacking Undesirables. The rest pushed on almost overwhelming our hero. He thrust and parried, charged and retreated to four attacks of the scummies, finally defeating the putrescent perpetrators of the lower world. As a result of these events, the denizens of the lower world have vowed to return. The leaders of the attack have banded together to form the Scum Guild. Dedicated to cause havoc and give entertainment to spectators of future tourneys and events. The requirements to be an honorary member of the Scum Guild or a regular member are:
A liking to the bagpipes
An inclination to giving bad puns
No scruples about doing strange antics in public
And a love of Krupnik, (Varina’s Polish Firewater)
The first two honorary members of the Scum Guild were Sir Francois for the SCUMMY trick of pulling a SWAT pistol and Jute-san for his excellent pipe playing and entertainment he provided during the Revel and Feast. His official Guild title is Lord of the Scumbag of the Odorous Effluent.
During the Feast Sunday night a delegation of scummies asked Princess Kassandra to be an honorary member of the Scum Guild. After she stopped laughing she accepted, but her membership was to be effective after her reign is completed. We are honored by her acceptance.
The Household of Midgewater was formed from the original 13 members of the attacking scum gang, the are dedicated to having fun, and allowing themselves the right to do any outrageous, funny, strange, or demented acts of scummy deeds for the entertainment of the members and/or participants of any events where Scum Guilders are in attendance. For general information, the first four officers are: Head Scum – Attila the Scum aka Frafner Hrimnrinson; Asst Head Scum – Janara; Aide-de-Scum – Scummy-san aka Yushio Kamashita; Scummunications – Ian of the Golden Fen

Principality Meridies Seneschals (Notus, June 1977, AS XII)
Shire of An Crosaire (FL) – Aerdynne Wyonne
Shire of the Black Hole (MS) – Foscadh
Barony of Draconia (LA) – Lady Elaine Darkenlight
Incipient Canton of Narval Dorado (FL) – Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Shire of Oktibbeha (MS) – Bradamante la Morgaine
Shire of Axemore (LA) – Lady Constance Vascillation
Shire of Bryn Madoc (GA) – Aedward of Glastonbury
Barony of Grey Niche (TN) – Andras Salamandra
Incipient Shire of Midgewater Marshes (LA) – Iaroslav of the Pripiet Marsh
Shire of Nytha D’Hui (TN) – Gwendolyn of Ashwood
Shire of Oldenfeld (FL) – Aedis Shadowdottir
Shire of Sangre del Sol (FL) – Ladomia Diaz de Valencia
Shire of Sirenia (FL) – Kema
Barony of Thor’s Mountain (TN) – Lord Kelvin MacGowan
Incipient Shire of Serpent’s Crook (TN) – Richard Fenwick
Barony of South Downs (GA) – Lord Thomas Wordsmith
Barony of Wyvernwood (FL) – Lord Bronislous of Uilnius
(historian’s note) Out of 17 groups listed for the Principality of Meridies, 6 were in Florida.

An Crosaire’s Arts Report for June
From Sakura Kimineko-sama, to Lady Elysonne of Arrowood. The shire will be working on a Society banner for the shire, yellow cotton with a laurel wreath appliqued on in green. Gwenydd ap Gwenydd yr Arvon hath instituted a program wherein persons so desirous may impart the sound of their voices onto a sorcerous ribbon, and other persons desiring to learn may unroll this ribbon and hear, as it were, the very sound of the person singing. Daffyd Dragonstar composed a most lovely epic poem, which he hath sung at FMT II. Taka-no-Fuji Jutte-san, (Shamus McRyu McHoo) hath also an epic “The Daemon Sword” which he also performed at FMT II. Sakura Tetsuo-sama, hath constructed a 16th century Japanese matchlock pistol, very effectively shooting “firecrackers”. He entered this in the FMT II crafts contest, although it did not win.

Canton of Narval Dorado founded
In June, 1977 The Canton of Narval Dorado (St. Petersburg) was founded

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
In June, 1977 The Canton of Narval Dorado held their first Midsummers Eve Revel

Shire of Southkeep founded
In June, 1977 The Shire of Southkeep (Dade County) was founded
Seneschal listed – Arianovich Mikhail Dragonomirov

(From Triton’s Trumpet, June 1997) In preparation for kingdom status, Meridies has formed three regions: I – Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. II – Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. III – Florida. Region II is calling themselves “The Lair of the Phoenix.” The suggestions for Florida I have heard are Jacynth (French for Hyacinth) Tritonia, Terra Trilittora (Latin for land of three shores), Southmoor, Merimar, Suus Marus, Austramus, Tamassee (Indian for sundown of the Gods i.e. Valhalla), Wacunda (Indian for fire), Trimaris (Latin for three seas). Suggested symbols: Water Hyacinth, Trumpet Shell, Whelk shell, Proteus (a merman carrying a shepherds crook), the heraldic fountain (a rondle, barry wavy argent and azure), rayonne or. Regional officers are Seneschal – Eric of Skaan; Herald – Yari the Seeker; Sciences – Lord Bronislous of Vilnius; Arts – Lady Elysoone of Arrowood. No regional Marshal as yet.

The Ghost of Sirenia Tourney
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, July 1977, AS XII) June 24/26 at Pensacola Beach. Lady Ellysonne of Arrowwood and Eric of Skaan traveled to the shores of Sirenia for a truly enjoyable event. The festivities commenced with a production of the raising of the Ghost of Sirenia. The one-time seneschal’s body was borne to a table alongside a huge bonfire. Various measures were attempted in order to raise his spirit: a friar intoned Latin over him, Xigunder “Baptist preacher-ed” over him and then the ladies of Sirenia kissed him, finally bringing him to life. Each Sirenian then struck a dummy with an antique sword loaned by Viscount Sir Francois, the dummy was thrown into the fire, and a bottle of wine was passed around ceremoniously. All present then danced in a circle. A good thick meat stew was served for dinner Friday night followed by breakfast the next morning of bread, cheese and fruit in yogurt. The feast Saturday consisted of a very tasty fare: Shis-ka- bob, grilled chicken in soy sauce, Chinese vegetables, fresh mushroom soup, curried rice and home brewed mead. No court or lists were held at this event. However, several games were played, most notably SCA SWAT. This consisted of a foray through the WWII bunkers the morning of the 25th with machine guns and hand-held cap pistols (all the necessary weapons were designed from a vision related by Viscount Sir Francois).

Picnic Revel
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, July, 1977, AS XII) The picnic revel at the Seminole Reservation July 3rd was indeed memorable. After a sumptuous feast most of the populace heeded the lure of the water sprites and took to the long boats. Even this was not sufficient for one noble crew, however. M’lord Aias mentioned something about sacrificing a virgin to appease the water gods and suddenly the canoe was overturned dumping Lady Ellysonne into the lake, along with her lord husband Eric of Skaan. Even so, all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Meridies Princess Tourney and Coronation III
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, July 1977, AS XII) On July 9/10 in South Downs, many firesteads journeyed north for the Princesses Tourney and Coronation III. Although the list fighting was very impressive, despite the heat, no one was too amazed when Sir John the Bearkiller won the title of Princess’s Champion. Oldenfeld’s coronation gifts consisted of a set of pewter salt cellars for the Princess and a set of juggling balls for the Prince (what every good prince needs, an extra set of balls). At Royal Court Lord Taliesynne Baron of Wyvernwood and Lady Rebecca of Twywn received the Order of the Pelican. Award of Arms went to Richard Palodine of Dragonswood of the Black Castle (our new principality Master of Science), to Heather of Tyson, and to Landrew the Unfinished. Knighthood was bestowed on Lord Orlando Calvacanti the Mad. The sumptuous feast was served by entertaining tavern wenches with much ribaldry and verbal exchange. Entertainment followed the coronation and feasting, and it was quite late when everyone finally managed to rest for the night.

Science Report for July
From Lord Squire Bronislous of Vilnius, Regional MOS for the Land of Flowers, to Domini Farnese, Principality MOS, Meridies.
From the Barony of Wyvernwoode, Lord John Shark has been experimenting with some helm designs of various kinds. Oldenfeld has been working on pottery made from clay they dug up themselves. They are making their own candles and are working on a hand made loom. In An Crosaire, Lord Tetsuo Sakura has set up his brewery and is making up his first batch of beer. Sangre del Sol reports they have been in touch with a bunch of people in Miami who are interested in joining the SCA.

Arts Report from Narval Dorado
From Timur von Schlockmayer to Lady Yarnddin ep Cana (?) (print is very poor)
By way of introduction to our first Arts report, it should be known that our Canton was founded with its prime purpose being its dedication to the Arts in as many forms as we can accomplish. Each of our few citizens has a unique amount of varied talents and a surplus of desire to learn and produce. Projects include a leaded and stained glass panel approximately 12″ x 16″ depicting our Canton arms. A framed panel is attached to the front of a mirrored box in which a kerosene lamp lights the panel from behind; the design and assembly of our heralds tabard by ‘Queta, in which the arms are displayed in high trapunio relief (our sea unicorn) on the front and crossed trumpets in trapunio relief on the back; a pen and ink drawing by ‘Queta (“They don’t slay dragons..”) to be used for advertisement. Other activities include Timur von Schlockmayer & Artorius Raed- wulf refinished the Baronial throne; Timur designed and did all the metalwork for the 2 Baronial coronets, designed and made the Baronial Scepter – the unicorn horn embellishment with bronze and jewels, designed and made a bronze circlet for Lord John Shark as a gift from Narval Dorado at Baronial Bash. Future projects for Narval Dorado will be a concentration of making canton banners, pennants and a banner displaying the personal badges of its members. A 3′ x 5′ rug for Royal use for the Kingdom of Meridies to be presented at the coronation of King John I in January. The rug will display the royal arms of the kingdom and will be made by Enriqueta and Master Taliesynne.

Peasant’s Revel
On 8-13-77 An Crosaire & Oldenfeld held a Peasant Revel held at the co-cathedral of St. Thomas More in Tallahassee. All will be required to appear at the revel in their Peasant (or lower) personas. (From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, August 1977, AS XII) The gentles from Sneads came as gypsies with a large quantity of stolen silver. The rest of the populace came as various and assorted peasants and scum. The feast consisted of home baked peasant’s bread and a thick porridge/stew which was provided by the Oldenfeld Cooking Guild. Everyone provided their own beverages and accouterments, such as fruit and cheese. The meal was downed in good form complete with fisticuffs and food fights. When event he most voracious appetites had been temporarily sated, Lady Stupid Peasant (Sieglinde von Truso) was allowed to sit in a chair for the groveling contest. There was a team as well as individual groveling – all of which Lady Stupid Peasant, the recipient of the groveling, found most remarkable. Aias undoubtedly stole the show, as well as “lady”, when he stalked across all the feasting tables with a bonny wench slung over his shoulder. Jute provided much entertainment playing his pipes as many joined in for the dancing.

A Town meeting was called by the regional Seneschal, Eric of Skaan. The major reason for the Town Meeting is to discuss the incipient Principality of Florida: Regional Name and arms to go with it. A Method of selection of the regional ruler. A discussion of the rules and laws of the SCA Kingdom and Principality of Meridies as they will apply to the region. Open discussion of any topic which is relevant to the establishment of the Region and Principality. Bring your suggestions, drawings of proposed arms, comments and any other input relevant to the Town Meeting. The Corporate wheels must begin to move now if we are to get our corporate status through the BoD. (From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, August 1977, AS XII) The following is the report by our regional seneschal of the Florida Town Meeting held on the 13th day of August AS XII. Due to the significance of the matters discussed, I am printing this report in its entirety – ed.
All groups within the region were represented either in person or by letter. This gathering was to discuss the organization of Florida as a separate Region of the Principality of Meridies, and to begin planning toward the eventuality of principality status. Selection of a name, a device, and the means to choose a ruler were the main topics of discussion. Ideas were fully solicited and many were freely given.
Beginning discourse on a name for our region covered the pros and cons of ten suggested names, with attention being given to how well the name would represent our southernly seaboard, semi-tropical land. Names to close in sound to existing SCA or mundane names, and some with inaccurate or unpleasant (to some) connotations were disregarded, leaving three: Trimaris (Latin for three seas), Choranthis (Latin for flowering), and Tritonia (indicating Triton, the fish-tailed man who is King of the Sea). Tritonia is also Latin for a species of sea-slug, but that is an unfortunate coincidence. Of these three, Trimaris won greatest support, with Choranthia and Tritonia being second and third, respectively.
Following the discussion of name, various devices were proposed with some fine pictorial representations brought or sent by region members. Again, imagery depicting Florida was favored. Elements chosen for consideration in the device included: a conch shell, the figure of Triton, the heraldic symbol for a fountain, and waves in the form of a triscaleon. All of which would be accompanied by the laurel wreath which symbolizes a place name. The colors blue, gold and silver are being considered. Our Mistress of the College of Scribes and Illluminators, Lady Amarath Jean, has kindly agreed to render several versions of a device combining these elements for the consideration of the populace.
Finally, suggestions on our regions’ government and form of choosing a sovereign were aired. This last matter brought much spirited discussion, and two letters from leaders who could not attend the meeting: Enriqueta of Narval Dorado and Xigunder of Sirenia. In addition to the usual single, individual combat list as a means of selection, two alternative methods for selecting a leader were brought up. The first was a melee type combat in which contenders would attempt to form armies which would then oppose one another in a single melee or series of melees. There were two major objections in reference to this method. First, one contender might be able to secure a small number of superior fighters (including even some from outside the region) who could dominate the competition even though he did not have the popular support of the other fighters or the populace. The second objection raised by Tetsuo was the problem in marshaling such a contest. First, who would marshal? Most qualified marshals would want to be engaged in combat, and for those not engaged, how many would want the responsibility? Thirdly, it would require a very large number of highly qualified marshals to adequately supervise such a competition. A second alternative was the idea of a multiple competition selection. In this method there would be a series of competitions in different areas of SCA endeavor, such as arts, sciences, strategy and individual combat. Under such a system, each contestant would be required to participate in all contests, and points would be awarded for winners in each area. The contestant compiling the largest amount of overall points would be declared the winner. Some suggest weighting the fighting portion more (say 60%). Still, this method would get around the idea that the only requirement of the ruler would be large biceps. The problems in this method seem to center around the methods of selecting contests and designing an equitable point structure.
In consideration of the length of term for the ruler was also raised. It seemed that most favored a term of one year, rather than six months or two years. Reasons cited for this length included more stability of the office, less expense to the populace (through ruler changes), and more time to carry through on longer range plans.
In conjunction with the structure of government for the region (principality), Lord Tetsuo Sakura brought up the idea of a Council of Nobles. Due to time limitations, there was only a brief discussion of this idea, but the initial indication was that most seemed to favor the idea.
The Barony of Wyvernwood has agreed to host a Town Meeting at its Baronial Bash on Halloween weekend. So between now and then all groups should discuss and reach a group consensus on these ideas. Also, between now and then all groups should sit down and draw up a set of proposals for laws under which our principality will operate. This should include sections on rights, duties and privileges of the Prince and Princess; awards and titles; officers and offices; couts and curias; crimes; rights and duties of the populace; events; selection of a ruler; etc.

From Talewinds, Vol.4, no 5.May ASXX “How Trimaris Got Its Name” by the Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso. Regional feelings can be dated from the first town meeting held at the Wyvernwood Memorial Tourney in 1977. Sometime that summer it was decided to give our region a name. The next event after Border Raids I, was the first Oldenfeld meets An Crosaire Peasant’s Revel on August 13 (this by the way was the first peasant event held in the Knowne World). A town meeting was held to come up with a name and a device for the new region. Many names were bandied about including Choranthia, meaning flowering, by Lady Muireann Deora-de, called Strider. One of the discussed was Tritonia, because Master Taliesynne Nycheymwrh has always liked the symbol of the old man of the sea, but Sir Tetsuo Sakura hated it because tritonia is the name of a disgusting looking California sea slug. A linguist named Aias called the Whore’s son, came up with a list containing many names to choose from. His list included the name Trimaris. In as much as Trimaris meant three seas and Florida is surrounded on three sides by water, Trimaris finally won out. For the device, my sister, Lady Gwynneth ap Gwynneth Eyravon saw a charge in one of the books which hadn’t been used very much and she made a lot of tentative drawings in the colors of blue and yellow. This was later changed to blue and silver, which made all the difference. That is how Trimaris and Triskeles were born.

(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, September 1977, AS XII) As you must all be aware by now, Meridies is now a Kingdom, and the Coronet lists to be held on October 8-9 will be the Crown List to determine our first king and queen.
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, October 1977, AS XII) The entire shire of Oldenfeld offers joyous praise and support to His Royal Highness Viscount Sir John Lord Bearkiller, winner of the first Crown List for Meridies.
A New canton is forming in Plant City and has taken the name Hunter’s Glenn. Its noble population includes Gwyndd ap Gwyndd, Lady Sieglinde von Truso, John of Lithia and Ali al Kazaar al Kazeem.

Southkeep’s First Revel
In October, 1977 the Shire of Southkeep held their first event

Florida State University Demo
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, October 1977, AS XII) 10-2-77 Oldenfeld held a demo at Florida State Activities Day. A lovely display including armor, literature, musical instruments, food, hand crafts, and pictures was arranged. Several gentles engaged passers-by in conversation replying to a barrage of questions while other members of the populace gave dancing, gaming and fighting demonstrations. Roy MacRonald MacKnute’s “sole” armor received its first tests under fighting conditions during the demonstration. It withstood blows so well that Lord Eric of Skaan took it to the Meridies Crown List the following week and tried it under true combat conditions. Simon of Lincoln and Fuiltighterne provided some delectable confections for our refreshment. Several new members were attracted by our presentations and contributed much to our next revel.

On 10-8-77, Sangre del Sol was featured in an article in the Hollywood Sun-Tattler, “They Don’t Slay Dragons”

Exotic Revel
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, October 1977, AS XII) On October 15, 1977 The Shire of Oldenfeld held an “Exotic Revel” at Ruge Hall in order to introduce new members to SCA revelry. Fuiltigherne captured everyone’s attention with her belly dancing. Robert the Ruthless entertained the populace with a song of his own writing concerning Lady Ellysonne; and Robert and Roy engaged in a battle of (drunken) wits over the relative merits of Hospitallers vs. Templars. To everyone’s relief Aethelthryth the Obscene chose to live up to (?) Epithet one more time and entertained us with a ribald song or two. The feast consisted of exotic dishes from all over the medieval world – including some “Golden Apples” baked by Simon of Lincoln, and a rather unusual cake provided by Fuiltigherne. As usual the revelry continued far into the night and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

University of Florida Demo
On 10-19-77 An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida Student Organization Night

Wyvernwood Anniversary
On 10- 29/30-77 Wyvernwood held their Anniversary celebration at the Holiday Campground on Lake Seminole to celebrate the Founding of the Barony, the creation of the Baron, the Formation of the Royal University of Meridies and the Collegium Celebrin (and the Baronial Bash) and the First Region Trimaris Official Event and Town Meeting.. The flyer indicated the following activities: hours of classes at the Collegium Celebrant which include Protocol & Precedence and Court Demeanor by Master Taly; Costuming – proper fabric selection by Enriqueta; Sundials, History, Theory & Typology by Master Taly; Introduction to SCA Heraldry by Yari; Appreciation of the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Jutte; Introduction to Costuming by Arianovich; Construction of SCA Fighting Armor by Lord John Shark. On Saturday there will be a Raffle with the proceeds to be divided between Trimaris, Wyvernwood & Narval Dorado. Prizes offered are a Broadsword, Malayan Kris, Homemade Wine, your portrait by Enriqueta, pewter goblets, an oil painting by Lady Amarath, a piece of custom armor, a necklace from Triton, a torque, macrame necklaces, personal armorial scroll by Master Taly, German poignard and sheath, miniature hand painted wyvern figurine, your soul stolen and enlarged, plus other goodies. On Sunday there will be a Wyvern’s Roost (Flea Market) everyone bring items to swap or sell. Narval Dorado presented the Baronial Crown and Unicorn Scepter along with the illuminated scrolls to Master Taliesynne Lord Nychymorh as well as the pearl crown and scroll to Lady Mariann Deora-de of Rivenscroft.

11-4-77 the Canton of Narval Dorado held a demo at St. Petersburg Junior College for the Department of Humanities. Demonstrated simple medieval combat, costuming, music and song.

Tallahassee Renaissance Faire Demo
11-5/6-77 Oldenfeld participated in Tallahassee’s Renaissance Faire held at Meyers Park. The flyer stated All gentles invited to attend. Craftsmen bring your crafts, sell the, display them, demonstrate your skill. There will be strolling Renaissance players from Florida State University, sales by local craftsmen and merchants, demonstrations of lost arts and sciences, music, food and entertainment.

Trimaris’ Fighter’s Forum
11-12/13-77, For the edification of the populace and the improvement of the knightly arts and the armorer’s trade throughout Meridies and the Collegium Celebrin for the dispersal of knowledge throughout the realm, we are hereby convened in the Forest of Torreya.
Programme de la Moote: Melees and challenge combat; Instruction in the wielding of societal weaponry and in societal armoring; Discourses upon Knighthood and Chivalry; the nature of societal combat in Meridies and the Knowne World; The legal responsibilities and liabilities of the societal Marshallate and conduct upon the Field of Honor.
Autocrats: Lord Tetsuo Sakura & Lord Bronislaus of Vilnius
(Trimaris’ Fighter Forum which will become Martinmass Moot- became an annual event for the training and edification of the fighters of Trimaris. Sir Jack, Lord Nimble from Meridies was the only knight to attend and greatly assisted in making the event successful).
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, December 1977, AS XII) An enthusiastic group of fighters participated in the Fighter’s Forum. Classes were taught by Lord Tetsuo Sakura, Lord Bronislous of Vilna, Seamus McCryu McHoo, and the always chivalrous Sir Jack Lord Nimble. All aspects of fighting were taught and practiced: shield techniques, foot work, weapon handling, body movement, weapon and armor construction. Although the interests of the participants were specialized, the conversing of the populace were not. For example, Sirenia seems to be considering a new mascot: la cucaracha rampant. (Do you know anything harder to kill). John of Lithia also discovered that whenever this whirr of a moving soul-stealer began, all fighters immediately quit moving. The long-standing challenge between Roy MacRonald MacKnute and Lord Bronislous finally took place under the expert marshaling of Lord Igor, er, Lord Eric of Skaan. Roy the one-legged was victorious. Lady Kimineko Sakura finally found the time to produce a tape on Celtic pronunciations at the request of the ladies of Oldenfeld. In all, this event was a tremendous information exchange, despite the nippy weather.

New Years Revel
On December 30, 1977 Narval Dorado held a New Years Revel at Castle Dudley

From the Seneschal
Well, it has been a busy and eventful year in this land. When we started in AS XII, we didn’t have a Trimaris, a Kingdom called Meridies, and many other changes we now take for granted. For those of us who have been around this year, these changes have occurred more rapidly than most of us have been able to absorb. When I accepted the Seneschalate of the Region in May, it was with some trepidation. I knew there were others better qualified than myself for the post, and I knew we were in for a long hard struggle in organizing Florida into a Region unto itself. About my first worry, I do not know; however, as to the second, the development of Trimaris into a Region has occurred much more easily than I had envisioned. This I attribute to the hard work and effort put forth by each member of Trimaris. And above this, it is the ability to work together which has allowed Trimaris to move ahead so rapidly.
Currently, there are approximately 75 SCA members in Trimaris (by members I am not necessarily referring to those who have paid their dues, although I wish I could), with six active groups: An Crosaire, Oldenfeld, Sangre del Sol, Southkeep (previously known as Tanma Suma), Wyvernwood and its Canton Narval Dorado. We also have new Shires forming in Plant City – Hunter’s Glade, and in Melbourne – Starhaven. Contact has also been made with interested persons in Jacksonville, with the possibility of a new Shire forming there. We now have two peers within our ranks, and ten who have been given Awards of Arms. Additionally our Region has produced several artisans who have been recognized throughout Meridies and beyond, along with a widely acclaimed fighting force. In terms of overall participation I believe we are first among all the Regions of Meridies.
I think we can be justly proud of these accomplishments of our Region. It is going to be difficult to match this same pace in the coming months. There is going to be a tendency to slack off and look back to our accomplishments, rather than think ahead to the future. There are some things I would like to see occur in Trimaris in the coming year. First, I would like to see Trimaris achieve Principality status in the new Kingdom of Meridies. There are many voices cautioning against too rapid a movement in this direction. Although I agree with caution, I believe that within the year Trimaris should stand as a Principality. I would also like to see a real development in the arts and sciences. As I mentioned before, we have the fortune to have some very talented people within our boundaries, let us not let their talent go unused. I would like to see each Shire develop Guilds, and these form into Guilds at Regional as well as Kingdom level. In this same vein, I would like to see a Regional arts and science fair this coming year.
In another area, I would like to see more armatures. We have many who put forth a great deal of effort and receive little more than a quick pat on the back. These people need to be recognized through awards. These awards do not come unless you bring these to the attention of those in power to make the awards. A simple letter of recommendation to see 5 to 7 by the end of this year. Remember this is one of the areas which will be examined when we go for Principality status. I would also like to see a development of our fighting cadre, and standards for combat. We got off to a good start with Lord Tetsuo’s fighter’s clinic. I would like to see these continue on a regular basis.
Finally, we come to the area of recruitment of new members and forming new groups. This is always one of the most frustrating and nerve-wracking problems we face. In response to this problem, I am going to attempt to assemble a “kit” which will include forms, introductory material, brochures, etc. Additionally, I have talked with some of the older members about putting together recruiting “teams” to help small Shires and forming groups with demonstrations, displays, etc. Any materials such as slides, copies of newsprint, etc. along with suggestions would be more than welcome.
I would like to thank each person in Trimaris for the help and cooperation they have given this year. My special thanks to each of the Seneschal’s who have to put up with my harping, and seem to keep their groups moving despite the obstacles. Above all, I know I had some really good times this year with the SCA and I hope everyone else did too.
Lord Eric of Skaan, Esq. December 27th, AS XII