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June 23, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Trimaris History – 2010

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Hero of the Chalice
(From An Crosaire’s Historian) The Iron Chef Trimaris was held at this event on January 1st-3rd at Brandon Rotary Camp. The winners were Team Fire and Spice, our own Condessa Carmenetta and her apprentice sister Baroness Brekke. The Secret ingredient was Lamb shanks, boneless leg and Ribs. We created four main dishes and three of them had sides. Braised lamb shanks with white wine risotto and roast baby carrots, Lamb with apricots, golden raisins, toasted pearl barley stew, Fennel seed & rose water marinated grilled ribs with sautéed apples, fennel and sour cherries, and the last dish Roasted leg; seasoned with asafetida, black walnuts and pomegranate seeds and sauce was made with the dripping, more walnuts, pomegranate seeds and juice and honey. Served with leeks and mushrooms cooked with cardamom and saffron.
Submitted by Condessa Carmenetta